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On Base Plus Slugging Leaders (By Team): 2015 MLB Season

Team On Base Plus Slugging (or Team OPS) is computed simply by adding a team’s on base percentage to the team’s slugging percentage.  Team OPS is a useful statistic because it is a single measure that takes into account both a team’s ability to get on base as well as a team’s ability to hit for power.

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However, because multiple statistics are used to compute Team OPS if two teams have the same OPS that does not necessarily mean that their offenses are equally effective.  For example, if both teams have an OPS of .750 but one team’s on base percentage is .350 while the other team’s on base percentage is .300, the first team will likely score more runs because the on base percentage measurement is considered the more important statistic of the two used to compute Team OPS.

Team On Base Plus Slugging
1Toronto Blue Jays0.3400.4570.797
2Houston Astros0.3150.4370.752
3Detroit Tigers0.3280.4200.748
4Colorado Rockies0.3150.4320.747
5New York Yankees0.3230.4210.744
6Boston Red Sox0.3250.4150.740
7Los Angeles Dodgers0.3260.4130.739
8Texas Rangers0.3250.4130.738
9Arizona Diamondbacks0.3240.4140.738
10Kansas City Royals0.3220.4120.734
11San Francisco Giants0.3260.4060.732
12Baltimore Orioles0.3070.4210.728
13Cleveland Indians0.3250.4010.726
14Washington Nationals0.3210.4030.724
15Seattle Mariners0.3110.4110.722
16Tampa Bay Rays0.3140.4060.720
17Pittsburgh Pirates0.3230.3960.719
18Chicago Cubs0.3210.3980.719
19St. Louis Cardinals0.3210.3940.715
20New York Mets0.3120.4000.712
21Oakland Athletics0.3120.3950.707
22Cincinnati Reds0.3120.3940.706
23Minnesota Twins0.3050.3990.704
24Los Angeles Angels0.3070.3960.703
25Milwaukee Brewers0.3070.3930.700
26Miami Marlins0.3100.3840.694
27Chicago White Sox0.3060.3800.686
28San Diego Padres0.3000.3850.685
29Philadelphia Phillies0.3030.3820.685
30Atlanta Braves0.3140.3590.673
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