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Team Opponent Batting Average: 2015 MLB Season

Team opponent batting average is another way of saying batting average against (as allowed by a team's pitching staff).

More about Team Opponent Batting Average

With the decline in offense overall batting average has gone down in recent years, as nearly half of pitching staffs allowed a batting average below .250 in 2013. The decline in batting average is largely due to the increase in strikeouts (thus fewer balls put into play that can become hits) but recent advances in defensive positioning has led to fewer balls in play safely landing for hits. This particularly impact team opponent batting average (as opposed to batting average against for individual pitchers) as teams generally enact defensive shifts regardless which of their pitchers are on the mound.

Team Opponent Batting Average
RankTeamOpponent Batting Average
1Chicago Cubs0.233
2Cleveland Indians0.237
3Tampa Bay Rays0.240
4Houston Astros0.241
5Los Angeles Dodgers0.242
6New York Mets0.243
7St. Louis Cardinals0.246
8San Francisco Giants0.246
9Toronto Blue Jays0.248
10Pittsburgh Pirates0.248
11Los Angeles Angels0.248
12Kansas City Royals0.249
13Washington Nationals0.250
14San Diego Padres0.252
15New York Yankees0.253
16Oakland Athletics0.254
17Miami Marlins0.255
18Seattle Mariners0.256
19Baltimore Orioles0.257
20Cincinnati Reds0.258
21Arizona Diamondbacks0.258
22Chicago White Sox0.260
23Milwaukee Brewers0.261
24Texas Rangers0.262
25Boston Red Sox0.264
26Detroit Tigers0.268
27Atlanta Braves0.268
28Minnesota Twins0.269
29Philadelphia Phillies0.280
30Colorado Rockies0.283
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