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Team Opponent Hits Per Run: 2015 MLB Season

Hits Per Run measures the average number of hits a team has for each run scored. On average, teams generally have two hits for each run scored. Teams that deviate far away from two usually have either high efficiency (lower number) or very efficiency (high number). Team opponent hits per run is not a commonly used statistic but can be used to represent various aspects of a team's pitching staff. It is found simply by taking hits allowed and dividing by runs allowed.  

More about Team Opponent Hits Per Run

Pitching staffs with a high team opponent hits per run can be reflective of a number of possible factors.  For example, they may be less likely to allow more extra base hits.  They may also allow fewer runners to reach base via a walk or hits batsman.  Finally, they also may be more likely to strand runners who reach base after a hit or walk.  The best pitching staffs have a high team opponent hits per run due to one or more of the above factors.

Team Opponent Hits Per Run
RankTeamHits AllowedRuns AllowedOpponent Hits Per Run
1St. Louis Cardinals1,3595252.589
2Pittsburgh Pirates1,3925962.336
3Los Angeles Dodgers1,3175952.213
4New York Mets1,3416132.188
5Minnesota Twins1,5067002.151
6Washington Nationals1,3666352.151
7San Francisco Giants1,3446272.144
8Kansas City Royals1,3726412.140
9Houston Astros1,3086182.117
10Chicago Cubs1,2766082.099
11Chicago White Sox1,4437012.059
12Tampa Bay Rays1,3146422.047
13Arizona Diamondbacks1,4507132.034
14New York Yankees1,4176982.030
15Baltimore Orioles1,4066932.029
16Miami Marlins1,3746782.027
17Toronto Blue Jays1,3536702.019
18Los Angeles Angels1,3556752.007
19Cleveland Indians1,2746401.991
20Texas Rangers1,4597331.991
21Boston Red Sox1,4867531.973
22Seattle Mariners1,4307261.970
23Philadelphia Phillies1,5928091.968
24Milwaukee Brewers1,4327371.943
25Atlanta Braves1,4627601.924
26Oakland Athletics1,4027291.923
27Cincinnati Reds1,4367541.905
28San Diego Padres1,3717311.876
29Colorado Rockies1,5798441.871
30Detroit Tigers1,4918031.857
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