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Team Opponent Isolated Power: 2015 MLB Season

Team Opponent Isolated Power is the isolated power allowed by a team's pitching staff, found by adding (2B + (3B *2) + (HR * 3)) and dividing the sum by the number of at bats.

More about Team Opponent Isolated Power

It is considered something of a "raw measure" of power allowed by a pitching staff, as it does not take into account total bases accumulated by singles but only by extra base hits. Therefore pitching staffs that allow more singles than average out of all hits allowed will have a lower team opponent isolated power relative to their team opponent slugging percentage.

Team Opponent Isolated Power
RankTeamDoubles AllowedTriples AllowedHome Runs AllowedOpponent Isolated Power
1Pittsburgh Pirates257241100.113
2St. Louis Cardinals240261230.120
3Los Angeles Dodgers229201450.130
4Washington Nationals239291450.134
5New York Mets235231520.134
6Chicago Cubs286371340.139
7Houston Astros252371480.141
8Miami Marlins278291410.141
9Tampa Bay Rays232191750.145
10Oakland Athletics266131720.146
11Kansas City Royals262391550.147
12Los Angeles Angels273191660.148
13San Francisco Giants246511550.149
14Cleveland Indians254311610.149
15Minnesota Twins295251630.149
16Chicago White Sox272391620.150
17New York Yankees260251820.154
18Toronto Blue Jays267301730.155
19Seattle Mariners285231810.156
20Texas Rangers280401710.157
21Atlanta Braves285331700.158
22Boston Red Sox299321780.160
23Milwaukee Brewers287331760.161
24Baltimore Orioles317231740.161
25Cincinnati Reds317251770.162
26San Diego Padres268501710.162
27Philadelphia Phillies300331910.165
28Arizona Diamondbacks318301820.165
29Detroit Tigers280601930.176
30Colorado Rockies363411830.178
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