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Team Opponent On Base Plus Slugging: 2015 MLB Season

Team opponent on base plus slugging is the sum of team opponent slugging percentage plus team opponent on base percentage.

More about Team Opponent On Base Plus Slugging

When on base percentage became an increasingly popular statistic in the late 1990s on base plus slugging (also known as OPS) also became a popular and useful quick and (somewhat) dirty statistic for looking at total offensive output. Out of these two components opponent on base percentage is considered the more impactful of the two, though that number is almost always lower than opponent slugging percentage when adding the two together.

Team Opponent On Base Plus Slugging
RankTeamOpp. OBPOpp. SLGOpp. OPS
1Chicago Cubs0.2900.3720.662
2Los Angeles Dodgers0.2970.3720.669
3Pittsburgh Pirates0.3110.3610.672
4New York Mets0.2960.3770.673
5St. Louis Cardinals0.3100.3660.676
6Houston Astros0.2990.3820.681
7Cleveland Indians0.2970.3860.683
8Washington Nationals0.3010.3840.685
9Tampa Bay Rays0.3040.3850.689
10San Francisco Giants0.3050.3950.700
11Toronto Blue Jays0.3040.4030.707
12Los Angeles Angels0.3130.3960.709
13Kansas City Royals0.3140.3960.710
14Oakland Athletics0.3160.4000.716
15Miami Marlins0.3220.3960.718
16New York Yankees0.3160.4070.723
17Chicago White Sox0.3220.4100.732
18Seattle Mariners0.3220.4120.734
19San Diego Padres0.3210.4140.735
20Baltimore Orioles0.3210.4180.739
21Minnesota Twins0.3210.4180.739
22Arizona Diamondbacks0.3220.4230.745
23Texas Rangers0.3280.4190.747
24Cincinnati Reds0.3280.4200.748
25Boston Red Sox0.3270.4240.751
26Milwaukee Brewers0.3290.4220.751
27Atlanta Braves0.3390.4260.765
28Detroit Tigers0.3300.4440.774
29Philadelphia Phillies0.3410.4450.786
30Colorado Rockies0.3530.4610.814
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