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Team Passed Balls: 2015 MLB Season

Passed balls are a statistic for when a catcher is unable to stop a pitch that is ruled as catchable (i.e. not a wild pitch), resulting in a runner advancing to another base.

More about Team Passed Balls

In the case of a Passed Ball (PB), the judgment is based on the assumption that the catcher should have been able to catch and maintain control of the pitch that was thrown. In the case of an uncaught third strike, in which the batter reaches first base safely, a catcher can also be charged with a passed ball.

Passed Balls
RankTeamPassed BallsPassed Balls & Wild PitchesPassed Balls/Game
1Toronto Blue Jays25870.15
2Boston Red Sox221010.14
3Chicago White Sox22830.14
4San Diego Padres18720.11
5Oakland Athletics14760.09
6Los Angeles Angels13740.08
7Atlanta Braves13660.08
8Philadelphia Phillies12720.07
9Los Angeles Dodgers12640.07
10Arizona Diamondbacks11620.07
11Texas Rangers11620.07
12Pittsburgh Pirates11780.07
13Miami Marlins11640.07
14Baltimore Orioles10560.06
15Cleveland Indians10580.06
16San Francisco Giants10500.06
17Seattle Mariners10820.06
18Chicago Cubs10760.06
19Cincinnati Reds9630.06
20Tampa Bay Rays8890.05
21New York Yankees8860.05
22Houston Astros8690.05
23Colorado Rockies7730.04
24Milwaukee Brewers7780.04
25Washington Nationals7460.04
26Detroit Tigers5650.03
27Kansas City Royals5670.03
28St. Louis Cardinals5530.03
29New York Mets4500.02
30Minnesota Twins3570.02
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