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Team Run Differential: 2015 MLB Season

Team run differential is the total number of runs a team scores in a season minus the total number of runs a team allows in a season.  Team run differential is a useful statistic that can be used to measure what teams have been either lucky or unlucky.  For example, teams that have a small run differential but a very high winning percentage are likely to not win as many of their games over the rest of the season.  Chances are such a team has won a high percentage of close games, and even though some believe that this would be the result of an excellent bullpen or an inherent ability to win close games, research has shown that teams that win a lot of low scoring games are no more likely to win such games in the future. 

More about Team Run Differential

It is used in the Pythagorean Expectation which was invented by renowned baseball statistician, historian, and writer Bill James.  Baseball run differential helps identify the quality (or luckiness) of a team's wins.  

Team Run Differential
RankTeamGPRuns ScoredRuns AllowedRun DifferentialWin %
1Toronto Blue Jays1628916702210.574
2St. Louis Cardinals1626475251220.617
3Houston Astros1627296181110.531
4Pittsburgh Pirates1626975961010.605
5Kansas City Royals162724641830.586
6Chicago Cubs162689608810.599
7Los Angeles Dodgers162667595720.568
8New York Mets162683613700.556
9San Francisco Giants162696627690.519
10Washington Nationals162703635680.512
11New York Yankees162764698660.537
12Cleveland Indians161669640290.503
13Baltimore Orioles162713693200.500
14Texas Rangers162751733180.543
15Arizona Diamondbacks16272071370.488
16Tampa Bay Rays16264464220.494
17Minnesota Twins162696700-40.512
18Boston Red Sox162748753-50.481
19Los Angeles Angels162661675-140.525
20Oakland Athletics162694729-350.420
21Miami Marlins162613678-650.438
22Seattle Mariners162656726-700.469
23Chicago White Sox162622701-790.469
24San Diego Padres162650731-810.457
25Milwaukee Brewers162655737-820.420
26Colorado Rockies162737844-1070.420
27Cincinnati Reds162640754-1140.395
28Detroit Tigers161689803-1140.460
29Philadelphia Phillies162626809-1830.389
30Atlanta Braves162573760-1870.414
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