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Team Runs Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Team Runs Allowed measures the total number of runs a team gives up over the course of the season.

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Unlikely team runs scored which is only a result of a team’s offense, team runs allowed can be used as a measure of team’s pitching as well as a team’s defense (though the responsibility falls largely on a team’s pitching staff). A team with an above average defense would be likely to allow fewer runs than one with an average defense, though even the team’s best defense cannot do a whole to prevent a lousy pitching staff from giving up a whole lot of runs.  In some instances teams are willing to accept subpar defense from certain players if their offense more than makes up the difference.

Team Runs Allowed
TeamRuns Allowed
1St. Louis Cardinals525
2Los Angeles Dodgers595
3Pittsburgh Pirates596
4Chicago Cubs608
5New York Mets613
6Houston Astros618
7San Francisco Giants627
8Washington Nationals635
9Cleveland Indians640
10Kansas City Royals641
11Tampa Bay Rays642
12Toronto Blue Jays670
13Los Angeles Angels675
14Miami Marlins678
15Baltimore Orioles693
16New York Yankees698
17Minnesota Twins700
18Chicago White Sox701
19Arizona Diamondbacks713
20Seattle Mariners726
21Oakland Athletics729
22San Diego Padres731
23Texas Rangers733
24Milwaukee Brewers737
25Boston Red Sox753
26Cincinnati Reds754
27Atlanta Braves760
28Detroit Tigers803
29Philadelphia Phillies809
30Colorado Rockies844
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