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Team Sacrifice Hits Allowed Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team sacrifice hits allowed per game (also known merely as “sacrifices” or “sacrifice bunts”) is the number of times a batter successfully advances a baserunner via a bunt. Because sacrifice hits are much more common in the National League (often executed by a pitcher who is much more unlikely to reach base safely) National League teams are always at the top of the list, far outpacing their American League counterparts. A team can get credited with a sacrifice hit even if the batter reaches base via a fielder’s choice or an error. Allowing a higher number of sacrifice hits does not necessarily mean a team has a poor pitching staff as it could merely mean that team plays teams that are much more likely to execute sacrifice hits.

Team Sacrifice Hits Allowed Per Game
RankTeamGPSacrifice Hits AllowedSacrifice Hits Allowed Per Game
1St. Louis Cardinals162660.41
2New York Mets162630.39
3Cincinnati Reds162620.38
4Colorado Rockies162570.35
5Atlanta Braves162560.35
6Washington Nationals162520.32
7Miami Marlins162500.31
8Milwaukee Brewers162480.30
9Philadelphia Phillies162470.29
10Detroit Tigers161440.27
11San Diego Padres162440.27
12Arizona Diamondbacks162440.27
13Chicago White Sox162420.26
14Minnesota Twins162420.26
15Los Angeles Angels162420.26
16Pittsburgh Pirates162380.23
17Los Angeles Dodgers162370.23
18Chicago Cubs162360.22
19Oakland Athletics162340.21
20Seattle Mariners162320.20
21San Francisco Giants162310.19
22New York Yankees162310.19
23Kansas City Royals162280.17
24Houston Astros162270.17
25Tampa Bay Rays162270.17
26Cleveland Indians161260.16
27Toronto Blue Jays162250.15
28Baltimore Orioles162240.15
29Boston Red Sox162230.14
30Texas Rangers162220.14
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