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Team Stolen Base Percentage: 2015 MLB Season

Team stolen base percentage is the number of stolen base attempts that resulted in a successful stolen base, as computed by (stolen bases / (stolen bases + caught stealing).

More about Team Stolen Base Percentage

After declining in the late 1990s and early 2000s the number of stolen base attempts (but not necessarily stolen base percentage) has gone up again in recent years.  A general rule of thumb is that a team (or a player) must be successful in at least 70% of their stolen base attempts to gain some overall value on the basepaths.  The reason for this is that a team is hurt by a single caught stealing more than they are helped by a single successful stolen base.

Team Stolen Base Percentage
TeamCaught StealingStolen BasesStolen Base Percentage
1Toronto Blue Jays238879.3
2Cincinnati Reds3813477.9
3Kansas City Royals3410475.4
4Cleveland Indians288675.4
5Arizona Diamondbacks4413275.0
6Milwaukee Brewers298474.3
7San Diego Padres298273.9
8Philadelphia Phillies328873.3
9Oakland Athletics297872.9
10Boston Red Sox277172.4
11Texas Rangers3910172.1
12San Francisco Giants369372.1
13Chicago Cubs379572.0
14New York Yankees256371.6
15Houston Astros4812171.6
16Miami Marlins4511271.3
17Washington Nationals235771.3
18Colorado Rockies439769.3
19Pittsburgh Pirates459868.5
20Atlanta Braves336967.6
21New York Mets255167.1
22Tampa Bay Rays458765.9
23Minnesota Twins387064.8
24St. Louis Cardinals386964.5
25Baltimore Orioles254463.8
26Los Angeles Dodgers345963.4
27Detroit Tigers518361.9
28Chicago White Sox426861.8
29Los Angeles Angels345260.5
30Seattle Mariners456960.5
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