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Team Stolen Bases Per Game Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Team stolen bases per game has been on the decline for some time, as the Moneyball era gave pause to those who believed players should run rampant on the basepths. Team stolen bases per game is a bit of a blunt measure that may not capture the true value of a stolen base, particularly in late innings of games.

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For example, one of the best baserunning weapons a team can have is a pinch runner who comes off the bench (see: Billy Hamilton) in the late innings of a game when a stolen base can be much more valuable than one gained in the early innings of a game.

Team Stolen Bases Per Game
RankTeamGPStolen BasesStolen Bases Per Game
1Cincinnati Reds1621340.83
2Arizona Diamondbacks1621320.81
3Houston Astros1621210.75
4Miami Marlins1621120.69
5Kansas City Royals1621040.64
6Texas Rangers1621010.62
7Pittsburgh Pirates162980.60
8Colorado Rockies162970.60
9Chicago Cubs162950.59
10San Francisco Giants162930.57
11Toronto Blue Jays162880.54
12Philadelphia Phillies162880.54
13Tampa Bay Rays162870.54
14Cleveland Indians161860.53
15Milwaukee Brewers162840.52
16Detroit Tigers161830.52
17San Diego Padres162820.51
18Oakland Athletics162780.48
19Boston Red Sox162710.44
20Minnesota Twins162700.43
21Atlanta Braves162690.43
22Seattle Mariners162690.43
23St. Louis Cardinals162690.43
24Chicago White Sox162680.42
25New York Yankees162630.39
26Los Angeles Dodgers162590.36
27Washington Nationals162570.35
28Los Angeles Angels162520.32
29New York Mets162510.31
30Baltimore Orioles162440.27
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