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Team Total Bases Allowed Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team total bases allowed per game adds up all of the total bases allowed by a pitching staff (one for a single; two for a double; three for a triple; four for a home run) and divides that by the number of games played.

Total Bases Per Game = 1B + 2*(2B) + 3*(3B) + 4*(HR) / Games Played

More about Team Total Bases Allowed Per Game

Essentially it is the same measure as team slugging percentage allowed per game but is displayed as a ratio instead of a percentage. Other ways runners are able to reach base (walk, hits batsman) are not accounted for in this statistic. Team leaders usually come from the National League, though American League pitching staffs that rack up high numbers of strikeouts can often appear among team pitching staff leaders as well.

Team Total Bases Allowed Per Game
RankTeamGPTotal Bases AllowedTotal Bases Allowed Per Game
1St. Louis Cardinals1622,02012.47
2Los Angeles Dodgers1622,02112.48
3Pittsburgh Pirates1622,02712.51
4Chicago Cubs1622,03812.58
5New York Mets1622,07812.83
6Houston Astros1622,07812.83
7Cleveland Indians1612,07312.88
8Washington Nationals1622,09812.95
9Tampa Bay Rays1622,10913.02
10Miami Marlins1622,13313.17
11San Francisco Giants1622,15713.31
12Los Angeles Angels1622,16413.36
13Kansas City Royals1622,17713.44
14Toronto Blue Jays1622,19913.57
15Oakland Athletics1622,21013.64
16San Diego Padres1622,25213.90
17New York Yankees1622,27314.03
18Chicago White Sox1622,27914.07
19Baltimore Orioles1622,29114.14
20Seattle Mariners1622,30414.22
21Milwaukee Brewers1622,31314.28
22Atlanta Braves1622,32314.34
23Texas Rangers1622,33214.40
24Cincinnati Reds1622,33414.41
25Minnesota Twins1622,34014.44
26Arizona Diamondbacks1622,37414.65
27Boston Red Sox1622,38314.71
28Detroit Tigers1612,47015.34
29Philadelphia Phillies1622,53115.62
30Colorado Rockies1622,57315.88
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