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Team Walks Plus Hits Per Inning Pitched - WHIP: 2015 MLB Season

Team WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) is the average number of hits and walks (including intentional and unintentional) that a team's pitching staff allows per inning.

WHIP = Walks + Hits / Innings Pitched

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With the decline of offense in the last decade this figure has gone down somewhat, and due to less offense in the National League the league leader is usually a National League pitching staff.  Generally speaking a team’s starting rotation will have a slightly higher WHIP than a team’s batch of relievers, as they are asked to throw more innings and thus will generally allow more baserunners.  However, overreliance on a team’s bullpen can drain their effectiveness, which is an important aspect of bullpen management.

RankTeamWalks AllowedHits AllowedInnings PitchedWHIP
1Chicago Cubs4071,2761,4611.152
2New York Mets3831,3411,4621.179
3Los Angeles Dodgers3951,3171,4451.185
4Cleveland Indians4251,2741,4321.186
5Houston Astros4231,3081,4411.201
6Washington Nationals3641,3661,4341.206
7Toronto Blue Jays3971,3531,4411.214
8San Francisco Giants4311,3441,4441.229
9Tampa Bay Rays4771,3141,4531.233
10Pittsburgh Pirates4531,3921,4891.239
11St. Louis Cardinals4771,3591,4641.254
12Los Angeles Angels4661,3551,4401.264
13Kansas City Royals4891,3721,4521.282
14New York Yankees4741,4171,4571.298
15Oakland Athletics4741,4021,4441.299
16San Diego Padres5161,3711,4401.310
17Seattle Mariners4911,4301,4631.313
18Baltimore Orioles4831,4061,4341.317
19Miami Marlins5081,3741,4271.319
20Chicago White Sox4741,4431,4521.320
21Minnesota Twins4131,5061,4431.330
22Arizona Diamondbacks5001,4501,4661.330
23Boston Red Sox4781,4861,4481.356
24Milwaukee Brewers5171,4321,4351.358
25Cincinnati Reds5441,4361,4531.363
26Texas Rangers5081,4591,4421.364
27Detroit Tigers4891,4911,4471.368
28Atlanta Braves5501,4621,4251.412
29Philadelphia Phillies4881,5921,4361.448
30Colorado Rockies5791,5791,4261.513
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