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Team Wild Pitches: 2015 MLB Season

Team wild pitches is the total number of wild pitches an entire pitching staff allows. A wild pitch is charged against the pitcher when it's deemed uncatchable for the catcher and it allows at least one baserunner to advance at least one base. Wild pitches are viewed as "live balls" and any baserunner can choose to, or choose not to, advance as many bases as they can.

A pitch is considered a “wild pitch” if  While the official scorekeeper at a game has the discretion to determine whether a pitch should be deemed a wild pitch or a passed ball, generally speaking a pitch that allows advancement will be deemed a wild pitch if either a) it bounces in the dirt, or b) was thrown so far away from the catcher that he never had a chance to catch it. 

More about Team Wild Pitches

A team that ranks high on this list could do so because of a small number of pitchers that are more likely to throw wild pitches, perhaps by throwing a higher percentage of breaking balls, or by having a catcher that has difficulty blocking pitches in the dirt.

Bill Stemmeyer holds the single season record for most wild pitches with 63 (in 1886).

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