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Triple Doubles Leaders: 2016-17 NBA Season

Triple-doubles are single game performances in which a player hits double digits in at least three of the following five statistical categories - points, rebounds, assists, steals and/or blocked shots.

This exceptional feat occurs roughly 35 times a season or 1 in every 36 games. Below is a list of players who achieved triple-doubles and the number of times.

Player Triple Doubles Leaders
RankPlayerPosTeamTriple Doubles
1Russell WestbrookPGOKC42
2James HardenGHOU22
3LeBron JamesFCLE13
4Nikola JokicC-FDEN6
5Elfrid PaytonPGORL5
6Draymond GreenFGS5
7Julius RandlePFLAL3
8Giannis AntetokounmpoFMIL3
9Marc GasolCMEM2
10DeMarcus CousinsC-FNO2
11Jimmy ButlerG-FCHI2
12Eric BledsoeGPHO1
13Karl-Anthony TownsCMIN1
14Tim FrazierGNO1
15Rajon RondoPGCHI1
16Kyle LowryPGTOR1
17Chris PaulPGLAC1
18Malcolm BrogdonGMIL1
19Nicolas BatumG-FCHA1
20Ricky RubioPGMIN1
21Kevin DurantFGS1
22Ty LawsonPGSAC1
23Blake GriffinC-FLAC1
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