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Fourth Quarter Quarterback Rating: 2016 NFL Season

Below is a look at which NFL teams shine in the 4th quarter when passing the ball. Generally speaking good teams, have all around good quarterback ratings throughout the game.  The highest possible quarterback rating is 158.3; the lowest possible rating is 0.

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This statistic can sometimes be misleading, for example a team that consistently faces big point deficits towards the end of the game can rack up great passing statistics.  Especially when the opposing defense plays loose and just protects against long passes, leaving lots of easy short pass completions.

Fourth Quarter Quarterback Rating
TeamTotal QBRatQBRat 4Q
1Pittsburgh Steelers93.9107.3
2Green Bay Packers102.3105.4
3Oakland Raiders95.3103.8
4Dallas Cowboys103.0103.1
5Denver Broncos83.9102.6
6New England Patriots109.5102.1
7Minnesota Vikings97.7101.4
8Seattle Seahawks93.499.8
9Indianapolis Colts94.599.7
10New Orleans Saints102.599.7
11Atlanta Falcons116.895.7
12Kansas City Chiefs93.295.2
13Washington Redskins97.493.4
14Miami Dolphins95.590.1
15Detroit Lions93.386.1
16Tennessee Titans93.785.9
17Jacksonville Jaguars79.585.0
18Houston Texans73.383.2
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers87.081.5
20Buffalo Bills86.781.4
21Chicago Bears81.880.5
22Cincinnati Bengals91.878.7
23Arizona Cardinals83.577.5
24Carolina Panthers75.175.5
25Baltimore Ravens82.673.9
26San Francisco 49ers83.472.8
27New York Giants86.072.7
28Cleveland Browns77.469.4
29Philadelphia Eagles79.268.9
30Los Angeles Rams69.564.9
31San Diego Chargers87.662.9
32New York Jets67.643.7
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