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Kickoff Returns, Return Yards, and Touchbacks for Kickers: 2016 NFL Season

The kickoff return was often considered one of the most exciting plays in football.  The chart below shows which kickers have allowed the most return yards and which ones have managed to get the most touchbacks.  

The kicker is partially responsible for return yards (usually depending on his leg strength), the other special teams players play an equally important role.  The coverage men need to be quick and agile in their pursuit of the kick returner.  The coverage team is sometimes referred to as the "suicide squad".

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The ideal kickoff is a touchback because it doesn't allow the receiving team to return the ball, instead just taking it on the 20 yard line.  Depending on leg strength and field conditions, sometimes a kick return is unavoidable. 

In 2011 the NFL moved kickoffs from a team's own 30 yard line to the 35 yard line in order to cut down on collision injuries, it has resulted in significantly more touchbacks.

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