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Opponent Scoring Efficiency Percentage: 2016 NFL Season

Opponent Scoring Efficiency Percentage measures the rate of scoring drives a team's opponent has compared to the number of drives the opponent has in total.  A lower number is indicative of a better defense because it means few opponent drives end up scoring points.

Opponent Scoring Efficiency Percentage
TeamDrives AgainstScoring Drives AgainstOpp. Scoring Efficiency Percentage
1Baltimore Ravens1915428.3
2New England Patriots1805128.3
3Seattle Seahawks1845328.8
4Denver Broncos1965729.1
5New York Giants1975929.9
6Los Angeles Rams1926031.3
7Houston Texans1855931.9
8Kansas City Chiefs1815932.6
9Arizona Cardinals1936433.2
10Minnesota Vikings1776033.9
11Philadelphia Eagles1866434.4
12Tennessee Titans1776235.0
13Pittsburgh Steelers1776235.0
14Miami Dolphins1946835.1
15Dallas Cowboys1685935.1
16Cincinnati Bengals1766235.2
17Oakland Raiders1906735.3
18Tampa Bay Buccaneers1846736.4
19Carolina Panthers1967236.7
20New York Jets1826837.4
21Washington Redskins1696538.5
22Buffalo Bills1827038.5
23Atlanta Falcons1766939.2
24Jacksonville Jaguars1917539.3
25San Diego Chargers1877540.1
26Detroit Lions1616540.4
27Green Bay Packers1727040.7
28Cleveland Browns1797340.8
29Indianapolis Colts1767341.5
30San Francisco 49ers2028542.1
31Chicago Bears1747442.5
32New Orleans Saints1737945.7
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