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All-purpose Yards Leaders: 2016 NFL Season

All-purpose Yards measures the total number of yards a player gains through rushing, receiving, interception returns, punt returns, kickoff returns, and fumble returns. This statistic doesn't include passing yards.

Also referred to as Combined Net Yards Gained.

More about All-purpose Yards Leaders

The NFL leader in all-purpose yards over a career is Jerry Rice (1985-2004) who over his career racked up a total of 23,546 combined net yards. The single-season record is held by Derrick Mason (2000 - Tennessee Titans) with 2,690 yards over the season. The single-game record is held by Glyn Milburn (Denver vs. Seattle, Dec. 10, 1995) who racked up a total of 404 yards single-handedly. 

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