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Player Passing Attempt Statistics: 2016 NFL Season

A statistics in football that measures the total number of times a quarterback has attempted to throw a pass play. A pass attempt occurs when a quarterback completes the throwing motion and the ball is released into the air.

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The rise in passing completions has coincided with a rise in passing attempts as well.  In 2014 there were 6 quarterbacks who attempted 600 or more passes, a significant upgrade just going back to 2009 when there were no quarterbacks who attempted 600 passes.  We’ve even seen some seasons recently with some quarterbacks attempting 700 or more passes (Matthew Stafford in 2012), though throwing 600 passes will likely put a quarterback in the top five for that season.  Throwing a lot of passes may be due to being a very good quarterback, but also could be out of necessity due to having a below average running game and/or being on a below average team which plays from behind frequently, which necessitates more passing plays.

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