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Quarterback Rushing First Downs: 2016 NFL Season

Quarterback Rushing First Downs details the total number of first downs each NFL quarterback has rushed for over the course of the season including total rushing attempts and the percent of rushing attempts gained a first down.

More about Quarterback Rushing First Downs

Quarterback Rushing First Downs are the number of rushing attempts by a quarterback that resulted in a first down.  In this category there is great differential between those at the top of the list and regular quarterbacks at the bottom of this list.  Quarterbacks known for being “pocket passers” rarely leave the pocket and thus rarely achieve first downs while running.  Other quarterbacks, such as Cam Newton and Michael Vick a decade ago, can hurt a defense as much with their feet as with their arm and thus often lead the league in quarterback rushing first downs.  Being able to move the chains either with their arm or their feet can make quarterbacks a huge asset to their team.

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Quarterback Rushing First Downs By Season:
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