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Sack Percentage: 2016 NFL Season

Sack Percentage measures the rate at which a team sacks the opposing teams quarterback for every passing play the opponent attempts. This can give some indication into how well at team is at the pass rush.  In general, the higher this percentage the better a team is at rushing the quarterback.  It's important to remember this is the percentage of pass plays against that result in a sack (not total pass and rushing plays)

Sack percentage is calculated as: QB Sacks/(QB Sacks + Passing Attempts Against)

Sack Percentage
TeamSacksPassing Attempts AgainstSack Percentage
1Arizona Cardinals485478.1
2Seattle Seahawks425377.3
3Denver Broncos425527.1
4Buffalo Bills395117.1
5Carolina Panthers476127.1
6Minnesota Vikings415487.0
7Tampa Bay Buccaneers385486.5
8Green Bay Packers405716.5
9Chicago Bears375306.5
10Washington Redskins385896.1
11Pittsburgh Steelers385906.1
12San Francisco 49ers335216.0
13Tennessee Titans406355.9
14Philadelphia Eagles345535.8
15Jacksonville Jaguars335515.7
16San Diego Chargers355805.7
17Houston Texans315225.6
18Indianapolis Colts335825.4
19New England Patriots345965.4
20Dallas Cowboys366335.4
21New York Giants356305.3
22Miami Dolphins335915.3
23Cincinnati Bengals335935.3
24Los Angeles Rams315825.1
25Baltimore Ravens315785.1
26New Orleans Saints305824.9
27Atlanta Falcons346554.9
28New York Jets275454.7
29Cleveland Browns265434.6
30Kansas City Chiefs285984.5
31Detroit Lions265494.5
32Oakland Raiders255414.4
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