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Team Defense Statistics: 2016 NFL Season

Team defense statistics includes various measures of defensive effectiveness to evaluate an NFL teams defense. This includes tackles and sacks, the number of passes the team defensed preventing its opponents from completing the pass play, the defensive turnovers in the form of interceptions and fumbles recovered and defensive touchdowns.

Team Defense Statistics
1Miami Dolphins1,0003375169137342
2New York Giants98835101178327525
3Washington Redskins9863875138035741
4Seattle Seahawks9844270118129033
5San Francisco 49ers98233731010046955
6Buffalo Bills9683974126336940
7Cleveland Browns9572667103143354
8Cincinnati Bengals9443385173031334
9Carolina Panthers94347701710336538
10Dallas Cowboys9273664911030634
11Denver Broncos91942841413428028
12Atlanta Falcons91434871210538345
13Pittsburgh Steelers91338801310131935
14New England Patriots90234721310025027
15San Diego Chargers89235861810538641
16Minnesota Vikings89041591413429931
17Detroit Lions8892663104135141
18New Orleans Saints8873067912041846
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers88538871712435239
20Los Angeles Rams8843173108134743
21Chicago Bears884377083237540
22Baltimore Ravens87931711810131138
23Indianapolis Colts878336089136839
24New York Jets873275486036741
25Arizona Cardinals86948681414333237
26Kansas City Chiefs855281041815530433
27Green Bay Packers8544088178037443
28Jacksonville Jaguars852335576137137
29Houston Texans8473170116130733
30Tennessee Titans8384076126132135
31Oakland Raiders82725731614137845
32Philadelphia Eagles81634771610332435
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