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Team Field Goals Blocked : 2016 NFL Season

Team Field Goals Blocked measures the total number of times a teams attempted field goals are blocked by the opponent. This differs from missed field goals in that a play on the opposing team needs to make a play on the ball to prevent it from being a field goal made. Blocked field goal percentage is a rate statistic that compares the total number of blocked field goals to attempted field goals.

Team Field Goals Blocked Statistics
RankTeamFGs BlockedFGs AttemptedFGs Blocked %
1New York Jets3319.68%
2Miami Dolphins2219.52%
3Jacksonville Jaguars2345.88%
4New Orleans Saints2345.88%
5Chicago Bears1234.35%
6Pittsburgh Steelers1283.57%
7Arizona Cardinals1283.57%
8Green Bay Packers1303.33%
9Minnesota Vikings1313.23%
10Tampa Bay Buccaneers1313.23%
11San Diego Chargers1323.13%
12Atlanta Falcons1372.70%
13Seattle Seahawks1372.70%
14Carolina Panthers1382.63%
15Baltimore Ravens1392.56%
16Philadelphia Eagles1412.44%
17Los Angeles Rams0220.00%
18Denver Broncos0340.00%
19Houston Texans0410.00%
20Washington Redskins0420.00%
21New England Patriots0320.00%
22New York Giants0220.00%
23Detroit Lions0360.00%
24Cleveland Browns0270.00%
25Dallas Cowboys0320.00%
26Buffalo Bills0250.00%
27Cincinnati Bengals0350.00%
28San Francisco 49ers0210.00%
29Oakland Raiders0350.00%
30Indianapolis Colts0310.00%
31Kansas City Chiefs0350.00%
32Tennessee Titans0240.00%
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