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Team Five Minute Drive Statistics: 2016 NFL Season

Five minute drives are those drives that last more than five mintues from the start of the drive to the end of the drive. Teams that have a high number of five minute drives are teams that have the ability to control the clock with drives.

Team Five Minute Drive Statistics
TeamDrivesFive Minute DrivesFive Minute Drive %
1Detroit Lions1563421.79%
2Dallas Cowboys1733520.23%
3Philadelphia Eagles1783217.98%
4Indianapolis Colts1802815.56%
5Green Bay Packers1762715.34%
6Washington Redskins1752514.29%
7Houston Texans1852513.51%
8Arizona Cardinals1972412.18%
9Pittsburgh Steelers1822212.09%
10Tennessee Titans1842211.96%
11Chicago Bears1711911.11%
12New Orleans Saints1812011.05%
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers1832010.93%
14New England Patriots1811910.5%
15New York Jets1841910.33%
16Oakland Raiders1942010.31%
17Atlanta Falcons1751810.29%
18Buffalo Bills1771810.17%
19Minnesota Vikings173179.83%
20Cincinnati Bengals176179.66%
21Kansas City Chiefs177179.6%
22San Diego Chargers181168.84%
23Cleveland Browns180158.33%
24Los Angeles Rams193168.29%
25New York Giants193168.29%
26Seattle Seahawks185158.11%
27Baltimore Ravens192157.81%
28Carolina Panthers193157.77%
29Miami Dolphins188147.45%
30Denver Broncos198147.07%
31Jacksonville Jaguars190136.84%
32San Francisco 49ers197115.58%
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