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Team Interceptions: 2016 NFL Season

Cornerbacks, safeties, and linebackers generally get the most interceptions because it is their job to cover opposing receivers in the passing game.  Creating turnovers is a point of emphasis for all successful defenses.

Also known as a "INT", "pick" or "pick off".

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Only forward passes are recorded as an interception if the defense gains possession of the ball.  Intercepting a lateral or backwards pass is recorded as a fumble recovery instead of an interception.

Interception Leaders
RankTeamInterceptionsInterception YardsInterception Touchdowns
1Kansas City Chiefs182714
2Baltimore Ravens181780
3San Diego Chargers182923
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers172344
5Green Bay Packers172090
6New York Giants171741
7Cincinnati Bengals171380
8Carolina Panthers172041
9Oakland Raiders161471
10Philadelphia Eagles162073
11Miami Dolphins161861
12Arizona Cardinals142632
13Denver Broncos143673
14Minnesota Vikings142532
15Washington Redskins131860
16New England Patriots131090
17Pittsburgh Steelers131330
18Tennessee Titans12680
19Atlanta Falcons122793
20Buffalo Bills122071
21Houston Texans111321
22Seattle Seahawks11720
23San Francisco 49ers10960
24Los Angeles Rams10710
25Detroit Lions10961
26Cleveland Browns101461
27New Orleans Saints91090
28Dallas Cowboys9750
29Indianapolis Colts81000
30New York Jets81410
31Chicago Bears8731
32Jacksonville Jaguars71041
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