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Team Passing Statistics: 2016 NFL Season

Passing plays are one of the main ways in which a team generates offense on the field. In evaluating a team on its passing game there are several different statistics used to break down its overall effectiveness.

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Attempts, completions and completion percentage are used to evaluate the number of times a team passes and how often they successfully complete passes. Yards, yards per game and yards per attempt are used to evaluate the amount of field gained through passing plays.

Touchdowns are used to evaluate how often a team generates scoring through the passing game, while interceptions measures how often a team turnovers the ball through the passing game. Finally, Quarterback Rating is a single metric that combines all of the other statistics into a single number.

For all of the statistics, except for interceptions, the higher the number the better.

Team Passing Statistics
New Orleans Saints674472705,2587.8328.63815102.5
Atlanta Falcons53737469.64,9609.24310387116.8
Washington Redskins60740767.14,9488.15309.3251297.4
Indianapolis Colts58437063.44,4917.69280.7321594.5
New England Patriots55036866.94,4568.1278.5322109.5
Green Bay Packers620403654,4457.17277.8408102.3
Arizona Cardinals64638359.34,4256.85276.6281783.5
Seattle Seahawks56736864.94,4227.8276.4231293.4
San Diego Chargers58034960.24,3867.56274.1332187.6
Pittsburgh Steelers59638163.94,3777.34273.6331593.9
Baltimore Ravens67943964.74,3436.4271.4201682.6
Detroit Lions59438865.34,3277.28270.4241093.3
Cincinnati Bengals56336464.74,2067.47262.918891.8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers57835561.44,1657.21260.3291887
Chicago Bears55934762.14,1397.4258.7191981.8
Oakland Raiders59637963.64,1376.94258.629795.3
Minnesota Vikings58841470.44,1197.01257.420597.7
New York Giants598377634,0276.73251.7261686
Carolina Panthers56330654.43,9627.04247.6211975.1
Jacksonville Jaguars62636958.93,9256.27245.3241679.5
Kansas City Chiefs54636566.83,9147.17244.619893.2
Denver Broncos57033959.53,9146.87244.6201183.9
Dallas Cowboys48332567.33,7997.87237.4256103
Philadelphia Eagles60938062.43,7986.24237.4161479.2
Tennessee Titans50430760.93,7207.38232.5291193.7
Miami Dolphins47731666.23,7167.79232.3271595.5
Cleveland Browns56733859.63,6936.51230.8151477.4
New York Jets55031156.53,6456.63227.8162567.6
Houston Texans58334759.53,4185.86213.6151673.3
Los Angeles Rams53631258.23,3136.18207.1142069.5
Buffalo Bills47428660.33,2506.86203.117786.7
San Francisco 49ers49128758.53,1666.45197.9211083.4
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