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Team Passing Touchdowns per Quarter: 2016 NFL Season

The grid below is a list of Passing Touchdowns for each NFL team which details the total number of touchdowns scored through passes including first half, second half, fourth quarter and total. 

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Ideally you'd like to see the quarter-by-quarter touchdown stats to be relatively close.  While an abnomally higher TD rate in the 4th quarter might seem as good finishers, it can also indicate that they tend to be way behind towards the end of the game and score more meaningless touchdowns.

Team Passing Touchdowns
TeamTDs 1HTDs 2HTDs 4QPassing TDs
1Green Bay Packers25151240
2New Orleans Saints15231538
3Atlanta Falcons2018738
4Pittsburgh Steelers17161133
5San Diego Chargers1815533
6Indianapolis Colts15171132
7New England Patriots2111432
8Tampa Bay Buccaneers1217829
9Oakland Raiders11181029
10Tennessee Titans1811829
11Arizona Cardinals13151128
12Miami Dolphins1017727
13New York Giants1313726
14Washington Redskins916825
15Dallas Cowboys1411625
16Detroit Lions1311724
17Jacksonville Jaguars8161124
18Seattle Seahawks10131023
19San Francisco 49ers147621
20Carolina Panthers912621
21Denver Broncos7131120
22Baltimore Ravens1010420
23Minnesota Vikings1010720
24Kansas City Chiefs109619
25Chicago Bears910619
26Cincinnati Bengals108418
27Buffalo Bills710617
28New York Jets115316
29Philadelphia Eagles79116
30Houston Texans78515
31Cleveland Browns105515
32Los Angeles Rams77614
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