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Team Dropped Passes: 2016 NFL Season

Team dropped passes and dropped pass percentage measures the rate at which a team's receivers make contact with the ball but end up dropping it incomplete. This gives an indication to how well a teams receiving core is at converting relatively catchable balls into completions.

While it's easy to blame the wide receiver for dropped passes, but partial blame can sometimes fall on the quarterback.  

Team Dropped Passes and Drops Percentage
TeamTargetsDropsDrops Percentage
1New York Jets546305.5
2San Francisco 49ers487244.9
3Oakland Raiders589294.9
4Kansas City Chiefs536264.9
5Detroit Lions580284.8
6Chicago Bears550244.4
7Indianapolis Colts573254.4
8Los Angeles Rams530224.2
9Houston Texans577234.0
10Philadelphia Eagles604244.0
11Carolina Panthers553213.8
12Cleveland Browns558213.8
13Pittsburgh Steelers590223.7
14New York Giants597223.7
15Baltimore Ravens666243.6
16Jacksonville Jaguars623223.5
17San Diego Chargers564183.2
18Buffalo Bills459143.1
19New Orleans Saints664203.0
20Arizona Cardinals636182.8
21Miami Dolphins467132.8
22Seattle Seahawks548152.7
23Minnesota Vikings585162.7
24Denver Broncos556142.5
25Green Bay Packers614152.4
26Cincinnati Bengals542122.2
27Tampa Bay Buccaneers571122.1
28Atlanta Falcons530112.1
29New England Patriots546112.0
30Washington Redskins593111.9
31Tennessee Titans49091.8
32Dallas Cowboys47981.7
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