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Team Receiving Targets Statistics: 2016 NFL Season

This statistic combines a quarterback's accuracy along with the receivers ability to catch a ball thrown their way.  Teams with a higher % caught number are more efficient and accurate passing the ball.

A target is credited to a receiver, sometimes passes are wild throws or throw-aways, therefore this number varies slightly from completion percentage.

Team Receiving Targets Statistics
TeamTargetsReceptionsNot Caught% Caught
1New Orleans Saints66447219271.1
2Minnesota Vikings58541417170.8
3Atlanta Falcons53037415670.6
4Washington Redskins59340718668.6
5Kansas City Chiefs53636517168.1
6Dallas Cowboys47932515467.8
7Miami Dolphins46731615167.7
8New England Patriots54636817867.4
9Cincinnati Bengals54236417867.2
10Seattle Seahawks54836818067.2
11Detroit Lions58038819266.9
12Baltimore Ravens66643922765.9
13Green Bay Packers61440321165.6
14Pittsburgh Steelers59038120964.6
15Indianapolis Colts57337020364.6
16Oakland Raiders58937921064.3
17New York Giants59737722063.1
18Chicago Bears55034720363.1
19Philadelphia Eagles60438022462.9
20Tennessee Titans49030718362.7
21Buffalo Bills45928617362.3
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers57135521662.2
23San Diego Chargers56434921561.9
24Denver Broncos55633921761
25Cleveland Browns55833822060.6
26Arizona Cardinals63638325360.2
27Houston Texans57734723060.1
28Jacksonville Jaguars62336925459.2
29San Francisco 49ers48728720058.9
30Los Angeles Rams53031221858.9
31New York Jets54631123557
32Carolina Panthers55330624755.3
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