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Team Rushing Attempts Per Game: 2016 NFL Season

Team Rushing Attempts Per Game is a statistic in football that measures the average number of rushing attempts a team has on a per game basis, which is calculated by taking the total number of rushing attempts and dividing by the number of games played.

More about Team Rushing Attempts Per Game

It has been shown that there is a strong relationship between teams that have a lot of rushing attempts and teams that win a lot of games. This can imply that running the ball more will lead to winning more games. However, an important factor to consider and a major reason why winning teams rush more is that when teams have the lead they are more likely to run the ball to slow the game down while teams that are losing will throw the ball more in an effort to move the ball downfield quickly and score. 

In general, it's the winning that leads to running not as much the running that leads to winning. This is still a valuable statistic in understanding teams and their rushing game however to get a truer sense of a teams running effectiveness statistics like rushing yards per attempt show a clearer picture.


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