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Team Sacks and Sack Yards: 2016 NFL Season

A statistic credited to a defensive players when physical contact with a quarterback causes him to be ruled down by contact behind the line of scrimmage. In order for a sack to be recorded, it must be obvious that the quarterback either intends to throw a forward pass, or is still in the "pocket" without a clear objective for the play.

More about Team Sacks and Sack Yards

Total team sacks isn't always indicative of a good defense, it also needs to be taken into context with total plays that the defense has been on the field.  For example a team might have a couple good defensive ends that can get to the quarterback, but the rest of their defense is not good and therefore spending more time and plays on the field.

The worst teams are those with a lot of defensive snaps and low number of sacks.

Sack Leaders
RankTeamSacksSack YardsDefensive Snaps
1Arizona Cardinals483741,019
2Carolina Panthers472701,035
3Seattle Seahawks422721,020
4Denver Broncos422281,076
5Minnesota Vikings41310993
6Tennessee Titans402781,031
7Green Bay Packers40295987
8Buffalo Bills392531,018
9Tampa Bay Buccaneers382341,013
10Washington Redskins382531,050
11Pittsburgh Steelers38259997
12Chicago Bears372301,012
13Dallas Cowboys362091,009
14New York Giants352421,062
15San Diego Chargers352301,025
16Atlanta Falcons342281,059
17Philadelphia Eagles34207978
18New England Patriots34227998
19Miami Dolphins332261,088
20Cincinnati Bengals331851,038
21Jacksonville Jaguars331831,030
22San Francisco 49ers331651,102
23Indianapolis Colts332111,024
24Los Angeles Rams311961,037
25Houston Texans31198950
26Baltimore Ravens31223993
27New Orleans Saints302131,008
28Kansas City Chiefs281621,063
29New York Jets271791,000
30Detroit Lions26161964
31Cleveland Browns261771,067
32Oakland Raiders25147987
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