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Team Takeaway Giveaway Statistics: 2016 NFL Season

Takeaway and giveaway statistics includes interception and fumbles both for and against, total points for and against off turnovers and the turnover differential for each team. Teams that have more takeaways than their opposition tend to have a better chance of victory, since they have more opportunities to score than the other team. 

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Interceptions and fumbles are the common forms of takeaways, although fumbles can occur in several different scenarios, including special team plays.  Turnover differential takes Takeaways and subtracts Giveaways, a higher number means that a team creates more turnovers and it gives the ball away.

Team Takeaway Giveaway Statistics
1Oakland Raiders1614308477144816
2Kansas City Chiefs18153310589175516
3New England Patriots1310239329113412
4Atlanta Falcons1210229274114011
5Minnesota Vikings14132776511165011
6Green Bay Packers17825818917308
7Buffalo Bills12618497512346
8Philadelphia Eagles1610267614620506
9Dallas Cowboys91120476915495
10Baltimore Ravens1810288216723495
11Pittsburgh Steelers1310237115318585
12Cincinnati Bengals17320328917223
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers1712298118927812
14Denver Broncos141327117111425712
15Miami Dolphins169256015823412
16Seattle Seahawks118195912618561
17Tennessee Titans126183911718570
18Arizona Cardinals141428101171128630
19Washington Redskins138215312921760
20Detroit Lions10414281051526-1
21Carolina Panthers1710279519102973-2
22New York Giants178257416112759-2
23New Orleans Saints91221661592485-3
24Indianapolis Colts8917371572282-5
25San Francisco 49ers10102082101525107-5
26San Diego Chargers18102874211435105-7
27Houston Texans11617391682478-7
28Los Angeles Rams108184220929126-11
29Cleveland Browns103132614112581-12
30Jacksonville Jaguars76133016132969-16
31Chicago Bears83113419123193-20
32New York Jets86143325934110-20
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