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Team Time of Possession Statistics: 2013 NFL Season

Team Time of Possession Statistics
RankTeamPer GameTotal Time% of Possession
1San Diego Chargers3253755.94%
2Cincinnati Bengals3152554.69%
3New Orleans Saints3252254.38%
4Detroit Lions3251753.85%
5Carolina Panthers3151053.13%
6Houston Texans3050452.5%
7Kansas City Chiefs3049751.77%
8Chicago Bears3049651.67%
9Arizona Cardinals3049651.67%
10Washington Redskins3049451.46%
11Green Bay Packers3049451.46%
12Pittsburgh Steelers3049451.46%
13San Francisco 49ers3048950.94%
14Denver Broncos3048850.83%
15Seattle Seahawks2948850.83%
16Atlanta Falcons3048550.52%
17Baltimore Ravens2948550.52%
18New England Patriots2948550.52%
19Tennessee Titans2948450.42%
20New York Jets2948350.31%
21Oakland Raiders2947849.79%
22Indianapolis Colts2947449.38%
23Tampa Bay Buccaneers2947349.27%
24New York Giants2946848.75%
25St. Louis Rams2946548.44%
26Dallas Cowboys2946448.33%
27Miami Dolphins2845947.81%
28Buffalo Bills2845947.81%
29Cleveland Browns2845847.71%
30Minnesota Vikings2745547.4%
31Jacksonville Jaguars2743745.52%
32Philadelphia Eagles2642243.96%
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