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Team Total Offense and Defense Plays Per Game: 2016 NFL Season

Total Offense and Defense Plays Per Game details the total number of plays on average each NFL team has on a per game basis, which includes both the plays for the offense and plays by opponents offenses.

Team Total Plays Per Game
RankTeamPlays/GameOpp. Plays/GameTotal Plays/GamePlays/Game Diff.
1New Orleans Saints69.0663.00132.066.06
2Arizona Cardinals67.8863.69131.564.19
3San Francisco 49ers62.2568.88131.13-6.63
4Denver Broncos63.7567.25131.00-3.50
5Cincinnati Bengals65.6364.88130.500.75
6Carolina Panthers65.7564.69130.441.06
7Jacksonville Jaguars65.7564.38130.131.38
8New York Giants63.6366.38130.00-2.75
9Tampa Bay Buccaneers66.6363.31129.943.31
10Baltimore Ravens67.4462.06129.505.38
11Indianapolis Colts64.8164.00128.810.81
12Washington Redskins63.0665.63128.69-2.56
13Philadelphia Eagles67.5061.13128.636.38
14Atlanta Falcons62.1966.19128.38-4.00
15New England Patriots66.0062.38128.383.63
16Kansas City Chiefs61.8866.44128.31-4.56
17Cleveland Browns61.4466.69128.13-5.25
18San Diego Chargers63.3864.06127.44-0.69
19Tennessee Titans63.0064.44127.44-1.44
20Oakland Raiders65.5061.69127.193.81
21Seattle Seahawks63.2563.75127.00-0.50
22Buffalo Bills63.2563.63126.88-0.38
23Pittsburgh Steelers64.1362.31126.441.81
24Houston Texans66.9459.38126.317.56
25Dallas Cowboys63.1363.06126.190.06
26Green Bay Packers64.3161.69126.002.63
27New York Jets62.6962.50125.190.19
28Miami Dolphins57.0068.00125.00-11.00
29Minnesota Vikings62.8862.06124.940.81
30Los Angeles Rams60.0064.81124.81-4.81
31Chicago Bears60.4463.25123.69-2.81
32Detroit Lions61.3160.25121.561.06
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