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Three-and-out Percentage: 2012 NFL Season

Three and Out Drives
TeamTotal DrivesThree And Out DrivesThree and Out Drive Percentage
1New England Patriots1862312.37
2Green Bay Packers1863217.20
3Dallas Cowboys1803117.22
4New York Giants1763117.61
5Seattle Seahawks1703017.65
6Miami Dolphins1863518.82
7Washington Redskins1833519.13
8Denver Broncos1883619.15
9Indianapolis Colts1803519.44
10Atlanta Falcons1753520.00
11Carolina Panthers1753520.00
12Philadelphia Eagles1843921.20
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers1934121.24
14San Francisco 49ers1783821.35
15Detroit Lions1974321.83
16Minnesota Vikings1824122.53
17New Orleans Saints1904322.63
18Kansas City Chiefs1864323.12
19Chicago Bears1954623.59
20Pittsburgh Steelers1864524.19
21Cincinnati Bengals1954824.62
22Tennessee Titans1884725.00
23Buffalo Bills1904825.26
24Baltimore Ravens1935025.91
25Cleveland Browns1915026.18
26Houston Texans2025326.24
27New York Jets1945126.29
28St. Louis Rams1824826.37
29Oakland Raiders1885127.13
30Jacksonville Jaguars1965628.57
31San Diego Chargers1805329.44
32Arizona Cardinals2096531.10
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