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Three-and-out Percentage: 2016 NFL Season

Three-and-out Percentage is a measure of the rate at which a teams drives end as three-and-outs, which is calculated by taking a teams total three-and-outs and dividing it by the total drives of the team.

A drive is a series of plays by a team that only ends when a team turns over the ball, scores or the game ends while a three-and-out is a drive that end after a team is unable to gain a first down in the first three plays of a drive.

More about Three-and-out Percentage

A lower Three-and-out Percentage suggests that a team is able to maintain possession of the football longer instead of quickly punting the ball away to the opposition.  A higher percentage can indicate a teams offensive difficulty getting possessions off to a good start, or maintaining a sustained offense.

Three and Out Drives
TeamTotal DrivesThree And Out DrivesThree and Out Drive Percentage
1Atlanta Falcons1752413.71
2Washington Redskins1752514.29
3New Orleans Saints1812815.47
4Carolina Panthers1933216.58
5San Diego Chargers1813217.68
6Baltimore Ravens1923518.23
7Seattle Seahawks1853418.38
8Tampa Bay Buccaneers1833418.58
9Green Bay Packers1763318.75
10Dallas Cowboys1733319.08
11Kansas City Chiefs1773419.21
12Indianapolis Colts1803519.44
13Philadelphia Eagles1783519.66
14Pittsburgh Steelers1823619.78
15Chicago Bears1713419.88
16Cincinnati Bengals1763519.89
17New York Jets1843820.65
18Minnesota Vikings1733620.81
19Houston Texans1853921.08
20Oakland Raiders1944121.13
21Detroit Lions1563321.15
22Tennessee Titans1843921.20
23Arizona Cardinals1974221.32
24Jacksonville Jaguars1904121.58
25Buffalo Bills1773922.03
26Cleveland Browns1804223.33
27New England Patriots1814323.76
28Miami Dolphins1885328.19
29Denver Broncos1985628.28
30New York Giants1935729.53
31San Francisco 49ers1975929.95
32Los Angeles Rams1935930.57
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