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Shootout Win Percentage: 2016-17 NHL Season

In the NHL if it's a tie game after regulation time, there is a 5 minute sudden death overtime period.  If it is still a tie after the overtime period, the teams have a shootout (5 players per side).  Winner of the shootout gets 2 points for the Win, the losing team gets an Overtime Loss worth 1 point.

NHL Shootout Win %
TeamShootout WinsShootout LossesShootout Win %
Detroit Red Wings90100.0%
Chicago Blackhawks4180.0%
Winnipeg Jets3175.0%
Arizona Coyotes6275.0%
Vancouver Canucks4266.7%
San Jose Sharks2166.7%
Calgary Flames4266.7%
Ottawa Senators6460.0%
Minnesota Wild3260.0%
Montreal Canadiens3260.0%
Philadelphia Flyers7558.3%
Tampa Bay Lightning4357.1%
Columbus Blue Jackets2250.0%
Anaheim Ducks3350.0%
New Jersey Devils3350.0%
St. Louis Blues2250.0%
Florida Panthers5645.5%
Edmonton Oilers4544.4%
Pittsburgh Penguins4544.4%
New York Rangers3442.9%
Boston Bruins2340.0%
New York Islanders2433.3%
Carolina Hurricanes3633.3%
Los Angeles Kings2433.3%
Dallas Stars1233.3%
Colorado Avalanche1233.3%
Nashville Predators2433.3%
Washington Capitals2528.6%
Buffalo Sabres2625.0%
Toronto Maple Leafs1811.1%
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