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Team Goal Type Breakdown: 2016-17 NHL Season

Goal Percent Breakdown breaks down the percent of goals scored by type including even strength, power play, short handed, empty net and over time goals. Below grid is sorted by even strenght goal percentage.

Team Goal Percent Breakdown
New York Islanders83.3%14.6%4.2%2.1%2.5%
Chicago Blackhawks82.1%17.5%7.9%0.4%3.8%
Vancouver Canucks80.9%18.0%1.7%1.1%3.9%
Minnesota Wild80.2%17.9%6.1%1.9%1.5%
Detroit Red Wings79.3%19.2%1.5%1.5%3.5%
Columbus Blue Jackets79.0%17.0%3.6%4.1%3.6%
Colorado Avalanche78.8%18.2%3.0%3.0%4.2%
San Jose Sharks78.1%18.7%5.5%3.2%2.7%
New York Rangers77.9%18.6%5.5%3.6%2.0%
Montreal Canadiens77.6%20.2%3.1%2.2%4.9%
St. Louis Blues77.3%21.5%7.7%1.3%2.6%
Dallas Stars77.0%20.7%5.4%2.3%2.3%
Pittsburgh Penguins76.6%21.6%3.6%1.8%2.2%
Winnipeg Jets76.4%19.5%5.3%4.1%1.6%
Washington Capitals76.3%21.8%4.2%1.9%3.1%
Carolina Hurricanes75.9%19.3%3.8%4.7%2.4%
Arizona Coyotes75.9%19.9%2.1%4.2%2.1%
Ottawa Senators75.7%20.9%7.8%3.4%1.9%
Edmonton Oilers75.3%23.1%4.1%1.7%2.5%
Anaheim Ducks74.6%21.4%3.6%4.1%1.4%
Toronto Maple Leafs74.4%23.2%3.2%2.4%2.4%
Nashville Predators74.4%20.6%4.6%5.0%1.7%
Los Angeles Kings74.4%23.1%3.5%2.5%6.0%
Florida Panthers74.2%22.0%3.9%3.9%3.4%
Calgary Flames73.0%23.4%4.1%3.6%4.1%
Boston Bruins72.8%22.8%6.5%4.3%1.7%
Philadelphia Flyers72.6%25.5%3.3%1.9%3.3%
New Jersey Devils72.2%24.4%3.3%3.3%3.9%
Tampa Bay Lightning71.3%27.0%4.8%1.7%2.6%
Buffalo Sabres69.9%28.6%3.0%1.5%3.0%
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