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Team Goals Per Game : 2016-17 NHL Season

Team Goals Per Game measures the average number of goals a team scores on a per game basis which is calculated by simply taking the total number of goals scored by a team and dividing that number by the total number of games played.

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Scoring in the NHL has changed over the years.  Goals were a plenty in the 1980s when the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux consistently put up 50+ goals per season.  Then coach Jacques Lemaire re-introduced the neutral zone trap and started a trend across the league that pulled in the reins of high scoring. Since 1990 the highest goals per game average in the NHL was 1992 with 3.6 goals per game.

Team Goals Per Game
TeamGames PlayedGoalsGoals Per Game
1Pittsburgh Penguins822783.39
2Minnesota Wild822633.21
3Washington Capitals822613.18
4New York Rangers822533.09
5Toronto Maple Leafs822503.05
6Columbus Blue Jackets822473.01
7Winnipeg Jets822463.00
8Edmonton Oilers822432.96
9Chicago Blackhawks822402.93
10New York Islanders822392.91
11Nashville Predators822382.90
12St. Louis Blues822332.84
13Boston Bruins822322.83
14Tampa Bay Lightning822302.80
15Montreal Canadiens822232.72
16Dallas Stars822222.71
17Calgary Flames822222.71
18Anaheim Ducks822202.68
19San Jose Sharks822192.67
20Philadelphia Flyers822122.59
21Carolina Hurricanes822122.59
22Ottawa Senators822062.51
23Florida Panthers822052.50
24Buffalo Sabres821992.43
25Los Angeles Kings821992.43
26Detroit Red Wings821982.41
27Arizona Coyotes821912.33
28New Jersey Devils821802.20
29Vancouver Canucks821782.17
30Colorado Avalanche821652.01
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