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Home and Away Winning Percentages: 2016-17 NHL Season

Home and Away Winning Percentages details the overall winning percentage of each NHL team as well as their home and away winning percentages and the differential between a teams home winning percentage and away winning percentage, which can give an indication of how well a team plays on the road compared to at home.

Home vs. Away Winning Percentage
TeamWin %Home Win %Away Win %Home % - Away %
Pittsburgh Penguins0.6770.7950.5260.269
Nashville Predators0.5730.6830.4360.247
Dallas Stars0.4820.6000.3540.246
Carolina Hurricanes0.5300.6250.3970.228
Philadelphia Flyers0.5370.6140.3880.227
Anaheim Ducks0.6400.7370.5240.213
Vancouver Canucks0.4210.4870.2950.192
San Jose Sharks0.6040.6830.5000.183
Buffalo Sabres0.4760.5500.3750.175
Washington Capitals0.7200.8000.6250.175
Arizona Coyotes0.4270.4610.3030.158
New York Islanders0.5730.6220.5000.122
New Jersey Devils0.4270.4620.3500.112
Ottawa Senators0.5980.6150.5140.102
Los Angeles Kings0.5240.5640.4630.101
Detroit Red Wings0.4820.4610.3710.089
St. Louis Blues0.6040.6380.5500.088
Colorado Avalanche0.2930.3250.2440.081
Columbus Blue Jackets0.6590.6880.6130.075
Montreal Canadiens0.6280.6460.5790.067
Minnesota Wild0.6460.6670.6000.067
Edmonton Oilers0.6280.6410.5770.064
Tampa Bay Lightning0.5730.5790.5250.054
Toronto Maple Leafs0.5790.5980.5500.048
Chicago Blackhawks0.6650.6620.6340.028
Calgary Flames0.5730.5640.5390.026
Winnipeg Jets0.5300.5260.5000.026
Florida Panthers0.4940.4610.462-0.001
Boston Bruins0.5790.5630.575-0.013
New York Rangers0.6220.5500.667-0.117
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