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Team Opponent Save Percentage: 2016-17 NHL Season

Opponent Save Percentage measures the rate at which the opponent goalie saves the shots on goal a team takes, which is calculated by taking the number of saves made by the opponent team and divide that by the shots on goal taken by the team.

Team Opponent Save Percentage
TeamOpponent SavesShots on GoalOpponent Save Percentage
1Washington Capitals2,2342,4950.895
2Minnesota Wild2,2642,5270.896
3New York Rangers2,1852,4380.896
4Pittsburgh Penguins2,4672,7450.899
5Winnipeg Jets2,2022,4480.900
6St. Louis Blues2,0972,3300.900
7Columbus Blue Jackets2,2932,5400.903
8New York Islanders2,2412,4800.904
9Chicago Blackhawks2,2682,5080.904
10Toronto Maple Leafs2,3672,6170.905
11Edmonton Oilers2,3042,5470.905
12Tampa Bay Lightning2,2222,4520.906
13Nashville Predators2,3192,5570.907
14Calgary Flames2,1662,3880.907
15Anaheim Ducks2,2052,4250.909
16Montreal Canadiens2,2362,4590.909
17San Jose Sharks2,2342,4530.911
18Dallas Stars2,2832,5050.911
19Boston Bruins2,4892,7210.915
20Carolina Hurricanes2,2812,4930.915
21Detroit Red Wings2,1372,3350.915
22Arizona Coyotes2,0902,2810.916
23Ottawa Senators2,2572,4630.916
24Philadelphia Flyers2,3732,5850.918
25Buffalo Sabres2,2922,4910.920
26New Jersey Devils2,0992,2790.921
27Vancouver Canucks2,0952,2730.922
28Los Angeles Kings2,3542,5530.922
29Florida Panthers2,4392,6440.923
30Colorado Avalanche2,1382,3030.928
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