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Team PDO Numbers (Save % + Shooting %): 2016-17 NHL Season

PDO is an advanced statistic in hockey that combines save % and shooting % in an effort to measure overall performance of a team and highlight teams with outsized "luck".

The basic idea is that teams on average should be around the 1.000 level as each shot is either a goal or a save teams that are relatively higher are producing above expectations and should regress back to the 1.000 level and teams that are relatively lower are producing below expectations and should regess up to the 1.000 level.

Team PDO Numbers (Shooting % + Save %)
TeamSave %Shooting %PDO
1Washington Capitals0.9220.1051.027
2Minnesota Wild0.9160.1041.021
3Columbus Blue Jackets0.9230.0971.020
4New York Rangers0.9120.1041.016
5Pittsburgh Penguins0.9140.1011.016
6Chicago Blackhawks0.9180.0961.013
7Edmonton Oilers0.9140.0951.010
8Anaheim Ducks0.9190.0911.010
9Montreal Canadiens0.9190.0911.009
10Toronto Maple Leafs0.9130.0961.008
11St. Louis Blues0.9070.1001.007
12New York Islanders0.9090.0961.005
13Nashville Predators0.9110.0931.004
14Tampa Bay Lightning0.9100.0941.004
15San Jose Sharks0.9120.0891.001
16Winnipeg Jets0.9000.1011.000
17Calgary Flames0.9070.0931.000
18Ottawa Senators0.9150.0840.999
19Buffalo Sabres0.9180.0800.998
20Arizona Coyotes0.9080.0840.992
21Boston Bruins0.9050.0850.990
22Florida Panthers0.9110.0780.989
23Detroit Red Wings0.9030.0850.988
24Carolina Hurricanes0.9010.0850.986
25Vancouver Canucks0.9080.0780.986
26New Jersey Devils0.9060.0790.985
27Los Angeles Kings0.9050.0780.983
28Philadelphia Flyers0.9010.0820.983
29Dallas Stars0.8930.0890.982
30Colorado Avalanche0.8940.0720.966
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