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Power Play Goals as a Percentage of Total Goals: 2016-17 NHL Season

A power play is when a team has a man advantage as a result of the opposition taking a penalty.  Penalties are a part of almost every single NHL hockey game, therefore a good power play percentage is a necessary component of the game for teams to master if they want to stay competitive.

The grid below is a little different than power play percentage, this lists the proportion of a team's total goals that come as a result of a power play.

Team Power Play Goal Percentage
TeamGoalsPower Play GoalsPower Play Goal %
1Buffalo Sabres1995728.6%
2Tampa Bay Lightning2306227.0%
3Philadelphia Flyers2125425.5%
4New Jersey Devils1804424.4%
5Calgary Flames2225223.4%
6Toronto Maple Leafs2505823.2%
7Los Angeles Kings1994623.1%
8Edmonton Oilers2435623.1%
9Boston Bruins2325322.8%
10Florida Panthers2054522.0%
11Washington Capitals2615721.8%
12Pittsburgh Penguins2786021.6%
13St. Louis Blues2335021.5%
14Anaheim Ducks2204721.4%
15Ottawa Senators2064320.9%
16Dallas Stars2224620.7%
17Nashville Predators2384920.6%
18Montreal Canadiens2234520.2%
19Arizona Coyotes1913819.9%
20Winnipeg Jets2464819.5%
21Carolina Hurricanes2124119.3%
22Detroit Red Wings1983819.2%
23San Jose Sharks2194118.7%
24New York Rangers2534718.6%
25Colorado Avalanche1653018.2%
26Vancouver Canucks1783218.0%
27Minnesota Wild2634717.9%
28Chicago Blackhawks2404217.5%
29Columbus Blue Jackets2474217.0%
30New York Islanders2393514.6%
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