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All Time 2014 Opening Day Payrolls

The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the MLB with the highest opening day payroll for the 2014 MLB season with a roster being paid a total of $235,295,219, which is $31.5M higher than the New York Yankees who usually top this list each season.

Below you will find a list of the opening day payroll for the 2014 MLB season.

2014 Opening Day Payrolls
1Los Angeles Dodgers$235,295,200
2New York Yankees$203,812,500
3Philadelphia Phillies$180,052,700
4Boston Red Sox$162,817,400
5Detroit Tigers$162,228,500
6Los Angeles Angels$155,692,000
7San Francisco Giants$154,185,900
8Texas Rangers$136,036,200
9Washington Nationals$134,704,400
10Toronto Blue Jays$132,628,700
11Arizona Diamondbacks$112,688,700
12Cincinnati Reds$112,390,800
13St. Louis Cardinals$111,020,400
14Atlanta Braves$110,897,300
15Baltimore Orioles$107,406,600
16Milwaukee Brewers$103,844,800
17Colorado Rockies$95,832,070
18Seattle Mariners$92,081,940
19Kansas City Royals$92,034,340
20Chicago White Sox$91,159,260
21San Diego Padres$90,094,190
22New York Mets$89,051,760
23Chicago Cubs$89,007,860
24Minnesota Twins$85,776,500
25Oakland Athletics$83,401,400
26Cleveland Indians$82,534,800
27Pittsburgh Pirates$78,111,660
28Tampa Bay Rays$77,062,890
29Miami Marlins$47,565,400
30Houston Astros$44,544,180

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