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All Time Top 10 Worst Run Differential Seasons

Since 1990, which teams have had the worst season in terms of runs scored versus runs allowed.  In other words, it's one thing to have a bad season and lose games...but on average how badly did you lose each game?

Worst Run Differential Seasons since 1990
TeamYearRuns Per GameRuns Against Per GameRun Diff Per GameWinning %
Detroit Tigers20033.655.73-2.0826.5%
Detroit Tigers19964.836.81-1.9832.7%
Detroit Tigers20023.575.37-1.8034.2%
Arizona Diamondbacks20043.805.55-1.7531.5%
Pittsburgh Pirates20103.625.35-1.7235.2%
Florida Marlins19984.125.70-1.5833.3%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays20024.185.70-1.5234.2%
Kansas City Royals20054.335.77-1.4434.6%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays20014.155.48-1.3338.3%
Kansas City Royals20064.675.99-1.3238.3%