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All Time Most Points Scored By An NFL Team In A Season

In the last decade teams seem to be putting up more and more points than ever before.  The grid below takes a look at teams with the most total points scored in a single season.  It includes touchdowns, field goals, extra points, and safeties.

Total Team Points Scored (since 1990)
TeamSeasonPointsPoints Per Game
1Denver Broncos201360637.9
2New England Patriots200758936.8
3Green Bay Packers201156035.0
4New England Patriots201255734.8
5Minnesota Vikings199855634.8
6New Orleans Saints201154734.2
7St. Louis Rams200054033.8
8Atlanta Falcons201654033.8
9St. Louis Rams199952632.9
10Indianapolis Colts200452232.6
11New England Patriots201051832.4
12New England Patriots201151332.1
13New Orleans Saints200951031.9
14San Francisco 49ers199450531.6
15St. Louis Rams200150331.4
16Denver Broncos199850131.3
17Carolina Panthers201550031.3
18San Diego Chargers200649230.8
19Arizona Cardinals201548930.6
20Green Bay Packers201448630.4
21Denver Broncos200048530.3
22Washington Redskins199148530.3
23Kansas City Chiefs200348430.3
24Kansas City Chiefs200448330.2
25Denver Broncos201448230.1
26Denver Broncos201248130.1
27San Francisco 49ers199847929.9
28Oakland Raiders200047929.9
29Philadelphia Eagles201447429.6
30Detroit Lions201147429.6
31San Francisco 49ers199347329.6
32Denver Broncos199747229.5
33Minnesota Vikings200947029.4
34New Orleans Saints201646929.3
35New England Patriots201446829.3
36Kansas City Chiefs200246729.2
37Dallas Cowboys201446729.2
38New England Patriots201546529.1
39New Orleans Saints200846328.9
40Green Bay Packers200946128.8
41New Orleans Saints201246128.8
42Indianapolis Colts201445828.6
43Buffalo Bills199145828.6
44San Francisco 49ers199545728.6
45Green Bay Packers199645628.5
46Dallas Cowboys200745528.4
47San Diego Chargers200945428.4
48Seattle Seahawks200545228.3
49Indianapolis Colts200745028.1
50Oakland Raiders200245028.1
51Indianapolis Colts200344727.9
52St. Louis Rams200344727.9
53San Diego Chargers200444627.9
54Chicago Bears201344527.8
55New England Patriots201344427.8
56Washington Redskins199944327.7
57Philadelphia Eagles201344227.6
58Atlanta Falcons199844227.6
59Green Bay Packers200344227.6
60San Diego Chargers201044127.6
61New England Patriots201644127.6
62Philadelphia Eagles201043927.4
63San Diego Chargers200843927.4
64Dallas Cowboys201343927.4
65Indianapolis Colts200543927.4
66New England Patriots200443727.3
67Washington Redskins201243627.3
68Pittsburgh Steelers201443627.3
69Detroit Lions199543627.3
70Dallas Cowboys199543527.2
71Tennessee Titans200343527.2
72Green Bay Packers200743527.2
73Indianapolis Colts201043527.2
74Green Bay Packers201243327.1
75New Orleans Saints200243227.0
76Green Bay Packers201643227.0
77San Francisco 49ers199243126.9
78Cincinnati Bengals201343026.9
79Kansas City Chiefs201343026.9
80Philadelphia Eagles200942926.8
81Indianapolis Colts200042926.8
82New York Giants201242926.8
83Buffalo Bills199042826.8
84Indianapolis Colts200642726.7
85New England Patriots200942726.7
86New York Giants200842726.7
87Arizona Cardinals200842726.7
88Chicago Bears200642726.7
89Dallas Cowboys200642526.6
90Green Bay Packers200442426.5
91Indianapolis Colts199942326.4
92Seattle Seahawks201542326.4
93Pittsburgh Steelers201542326.4
94New York Giants200542226.4
95Green Bay Packers199742226.4
96Carolina Panthers199942126.3
97Cincinnati Bengals200542126.3
98Dallas Cowboys201642126.3
99New York Giants201542026.3
100Atlanta Falcons201241926.2