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NFL Team Stats

Toxic Differential
Scoring Differential
Team Takeaway Giveaway Statistics
Turnover Differential
Total Points Per Game (Over/Under )
Net Turnover Points
Yards per Play Differential
Yards Per Point (YPP) Differential
Points Per Play Differential
Net Yards Pass Efficiency Ratio
Run Efficiency Ratio
Offense Efficiency Ratio
Scoring Efficiency Ratio
Team Efficiency Ratios
First Down Differential
Wins and Losses By Size - Big and Small Wins and Losses
Penalty Differential
Penalty Yards Differential
NFL Team Wins and Winning % by Season
Yards Per Game Differential
Touchdown to Interception Ratio
Fumble Differential
Team Penalties Per Game
Passing Yards Efficiency Ratio
Team Big Play Differential
Total Offense and Defense Plays Per Game

Overall Offense Receiving Passing Rushing
Three-and-out Percentage Dropped Passes Passing Yards Lost to Penalties Overall Rushing Statistics
3rd Down Efficiency Overall Receiving Statistics Interceptions Rushing Yards Per Game
Big Play Receiving Targets Overall Passing Statistics Rushing Yards Per Attempt
Points Per Drive Receiving Yards Per Game Situational Quarterback Rating Rushing Touchdowns
4th Down Efficiency Receiving Yards Per Attempt Sacked Percentage Rushing Big Plays
First Down Receiving Touchdowns Quarterback Rating in Red Zone Stuffed Percentage
Overall Yards Targets Percent Caught 300+ Passing Yard Games Rushing Attempts Per Game
Scoring Drive Efficiency Statistics Team Dropped Passes Quarterback Rating By Half Rushing First Downs Per Game
Time of Possession Yards After Catch Fourth Quarter Quarterback Rating Rushing Touchdowns Per Game
Two Point Conversion Yards At The Catch - YATC Passing Yards Per Game Rushing Play Percentage
Ten Play Drive Passing Yards Per Attempt Rushing Yards Percentage
Five Minute Drive Pass Completion Percentage Rushing Yards Per Attempt By Field Type
Drives Starting In Own 20 Team Passing Touchdowns per Quarter Rushing Big Play Differential
Drives Starting in Opponent Territory Passes Intercepted RY/A By First Half and Second Half
Drives Starting in Opponent 20 Passing Attempts Per Game
Drives Starting In Own Territory Passing Completions Per Game
Points Per Minute of Possession Team Incompletions Per Game
Overall Points Scored Passing Yards Per Completion
Most Fumbles and Fumbles Lost Passing Touchdowns Per Game
Offensive Yards per Play Quarterback Sacked Per Game
Total Giveaways Passing First Downs Per Game
Points Per Game Passing First Down Percentage
Yards Per Point Passing Play Percentage
Points Per Play Passing Yards Percentage
Touchdowns Per Game Quarterback Rating
Points By Score Type Interception Rate
Yards Per First Down Attempt
Offense Efficiency Ratio
Scoring Efficiency Ratio
Team Efficiency Ratios
Overall Yards Per Game
Plays Per Game
First Downs Per Game
Third Downs Made Per Game
Third Downs Per Game
Fourth Downs Per Game
Fourth Downs Made Per Game
Offensive Penalties
Plays Per Drive

Pass Defense Rush Defense Overall Defense
Sacks and Sack Yards % of Rushing Attempts Stuffed Overall Defense Statistics
Interceptions Team Rushing Yards Against Per Game # of Defensive Snaps (plays against)
Sack Percentage Team Rushing Yards Against Per Attempt Defensive Touchdowns
Team Passing Yards Against Per Game Team Rushing Touchdowns Against Opponent Scoring Efficiency Percentage
Team Opponent Completion Percentage Team Rushing Big Plays Against Team Yards Against Per Game
Team Passing Touchdowns Against Team Yards Against Per Play
Team Receiving Yards Against Per Game Team Points Against Per Game
Team Receiving Yards Against Per Attempt Team Opponent Scoring Efficiency
Team Receiving Touchdowns Allowed Team Opponent Third Down Efficiency
Team Opponent Targets Percent Caught Defensive Hurries
Team Opponent Drops Percentage Defensive Penalties
Interception Rate 3rd Down Efficiency Against
Yards After Catch Allowed

Special Teams
Field Goals Blocked
Field Goals Missed